Property Tax Law Denver, CO

Industry Experience

Gary Levin & Associates are recognized specialists in all areas of real estate law, water law, agricultural law and environmental law. We have had tremendous success identifying practical solutions to an extraordinary variety of client issues. The firm has developed a strong working relationship with agencies in Colorado.

The firm has special knowledge in permitting and compliance under state regulatory agencies. The firm represents clients seeking to comply with state and federal regulations as they apply to air and water quality; land management, solid waste, toxics, and hazardous waste issues, real estate transactions, reorganizations and insurance issues.

We can help you:

  • Decipher the laws and regulations that affect your business or industry

  • Collaborate with key decision makers at the state and national levels to coordinate and influence the --debate on environmental legislation and regulation

  • Create opportunities to garner favorable interpretations when there is regulatory discretion

  • Challenge laws and regulations that present unfair and/or untenable obstacles --for your business or industry

  • Design sound environmental compliance programs that enhance your productivity and public image, --while reducing overall compliance costs and potential liability

  • Properly account for environmental issues in business transactions


Levin Law’s Team specializes in federal and state tax law including income tax, employment tax, real and property tax issues In any tax litigation, you want to work with a lawyer who is familiar with the unique administrative process — somebody who deals with the nuances of these cases regularly.

Levin has extensive experience with income and employment tax audits, litigation and settlements. Recent settlements include Offers in Compromise to resolve tax issues for various clients, Tax Court petitions, as well as tax planning.
Levin Law and Associates, P.C., has worked and established credibility with many of the elected local tax assessors and their staff appraisers.

Levin Law and Associates’ vast experience with tax law has uniquely positioned him to represent clients in contentious valuation disputes while maintaining good relationships with his clients and government representatives. Gary Levin is extremely knowledgeable in these specialized areas of tax law.