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The use and distribution of water is highly regulated. With experience in nearly every aspect of water law, Levin Law and Associates, P.C. have the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the laws governing water, water rights, use, distribution, supply and the economic activities that surround it. Gary Levin’s experiences as a Douglas County Water Advisory Board Member gives him a unique perspective and vast amounts of experience with all of your water rights issues.

Levin Law & Associates’ experience includes working with multiple large commercial, privately held businesses to quantify the water needs for the securing of water sources and adjudicating them, coordination and facilitation of massive environmental cleanups, negotiating consent compliance requirement without receiving penalties, and handling a client’s revegetation and augmentation plan.

Gary Levin and Associates, P.C. represents public and private water suppliers, including municipalities, providers, real estate developers, ranchers, farmers and public policy organizations. We handle matters of water rights, supply management, quality, planning, conveyance, acquisition and transfer.

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